The diverse activities of the South Bend Area REALTORS® are facilitated through the efforts of committees, which focus on specific areas of member activity.  The committees identify member needs and the means of meeting those needs through events, programs, products and services provided by the South Bend Area REALTORS®.  The committees also provide opportunities for members to use their talents to meaningfully impact our Association and our community.  The following active committees serve our members:

To volunteer for one of the below committees, please contact Kathryn Humphrey at to receive the committee application. 

Community Outreach CommitteeThe South Bend Area REALTORS® Outreach Committee is the community service arm of the organization. They aspire to create a culture of “giving back” through volunteer and philanthropic initiatives. In the spirit, the committee is assigned community outreach projects which include the following, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, Youth Service Bureau, Northern Indiana Food Bank, Purg-A-Thon, Good Neighbor Award, and Better Block Program. The goal of this committee is to help create a better place to work, live, and play in alignment with the values of SBAR. Also identifies organizations to build relationships with in order to promote our professional interests and improve the quality of life within our community. Promotion of the REALTOR brand among consumers.

Education Committee The Education Committee identifies current information on educational opportunities available to real estate professionals and training of technology, professionalism, and anything else that may be needed for members to achieve the knowledge and skills needed to service in their profession. This could include Continuing Education programs such as, but not limited to Latte & Learns, workshops, seminars, and power lunches.  

Finance Committee The committee is responsible for reviewing financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the organization. The committee also reviews the organization’s financial performance against its goals and reports variances to the Board of Directors and CEO.

Government Affairs CommitteeThe Government Affairs Committee works year-round in the public policy and advocacy arena, making sure that REALTORS® and property owner’s interests are protected and promoted in the halls of local, state, and federal government by engaging in a variety of political, legislative and regulatory activities.

Member Engagement CommitteeThe Member Engagement Committee members are individuals who help represent and promote SBAR and encourage others to create a strong sense of community. They are relationship builders and help encourage member commitment and raise awareness of SBAR activities and benefits.  The individuals are always willing to promote the mission and its events. The goal of this committee is to build a strong sense of community inside our membership which will result in the overall growth of the Association.

RPAC TrusteesThe RPAC Trustees will review requests from local, county, state, and national office candidates seeking RPAC financial support. The RPAC Trustees will assess requests and recommend to IAR the distribution of funds political office seekers within our jurisdictional boundaries. The RPAC Trustees will recommend the use of RPAC funds for the local issues which need our support.

Additionally, RPAC Trustees will identify candidates whose agendas are aligned with those of the REALTOR® community, offering opportunities for REALTORS® to actively participate in the support of such candidates during election campaigns. The committee may work with other committees in order to plan and organize events.  

Technology Communications Committee The Technology Communications Committee markets to real estate professionals through social media, fundraising, and brings awareness to the REALTOR brand. They build relationships with community leaders and members of the press in conjunction with staff.