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How to Become a REALTOR® Member

Becoming a part of South Bend Area REALTORS® is a significant milestone in your career journey. Not only does membership provide you with a number of benefits on a local, state, and national level, it also connects you with like-minded peers in your community. These connections increase your industry awareness and enhance your advocacy efforts in the communities you serve. 

As a pre-requisite for membership, you’ll need to have your real estate license. You can begin your path into a real estate career by learning the steps to earning an Indiana Real Estate License and reviewing other licensure FAQs

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Membership Types & Applications

Become a part of the South Bend Area REALTORS® (SBAR) community to connect with professional REALTORS® and affiliates who come together to advocate for and advance the real estate industry. With your membership, you’ll have access to the latest monthly industry news, a suite of membership benefits, and key connections with other REALTORS® and community members. 

Primary Membership Requirements 

To qualify for REALTOR® membership you must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Must have an active real estate license in Indiana that is assigned to a real estate company or managing broker that is already a REALTOR®.
  2. Must complete MLS Training and New Member Orientation. 

Realtor Membership Application

Realtor Designated Broker/Branch Manager Application

Obtaining a Secondary Membership 

Secondary Membership is available to REALTORS® who hold primary membership in another association of REALTORS®. Holding a secondary membership with SBAR gives you access to the key connections and events in the South Bend area. Many primary members in Southwest Michigan and our neighboring counties find value in adding a secondary membership from South Bend Area REALTORS®. 

Contact us at or 574-289-6378 for more information about obtaining a secondary membership. 

Realtor Secondary Membership Application

Become a MLS Participant, COMP service Participant, and MLS of Choice

In order to join SBAR as a MLS Participant, COMP service Participant, and MLS of Choice, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must provide a letter of good standing from your Primary Association
  2. For MLS of Choice applicants, your Principal or Managing Broker must be a participant of IRMLS (Indiana Regional MLS) prior to agents joining as MLS of Choice

MLS Participant Application 

MLS of Choice Application

How to Become an Affiliate Member

Affiliate members include plumbers, lawyers, mortgage bankers, home inspectors, contractors, photographers, and other professionals interested in the real estate industry. As an SBAR Affiliate member, you’ll be added to our Affiliate directory which our REALTORS® use when needing to refer homeowners when they are in need of specialized services related to home ownership. 

For Affiliate Supra Key Access, please complete the application below and return it to

For Affiliate ShowingTime Access, please contact the office at 574-289-6378 or email

Affiliate Application

Affiliate Key Access Application

Secondary Affiliate Application

For Office Administrative Staff and Unlicensed Personal Assistants

Complete the appropriate application below and return to For any questions, please contact our office.

Office Administrative Staff Application

Personal Assistant Application

Deletion & Addition Form

Become a Member - Apply Online!

Applying for membership is easier than ever! Fill out the online application form to start your membership journey today.