The leadership of the South Bend Area REALTORS® consists of active REALTOR® members who are committed to maintaining an organization with a quality membership experience.  With an emphasis on Community, Professionalism and Advocacy, our volunteer leaders are actively engaged in the real estate profession and have an intimate knowledge of the local market and the issues impacting our industry.  They understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in real estate.  They work to set the course of direction for our Association so that it can promote a professional environment for real estate professionals throughout the South Bend area, impact local legislation to promote private property rights and improve the quality of life for everyone within our community.

Members of the South Bend Area REALTORS® Board of Directors serve three-year terms and are elected by the membership.  The Board of Directors are led by the Executive Team, consisting of the President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and Immediate Past-President, along with the Chief Executive Officer.

Meet the Leadership Team 

2024 SBAR Directors & Officers

President: Rachel Prillwitz
President-Elect: Angie Pritchard
Secretary/Treasurer: Jen Arizmendi
Past-President: Sara Bizzaro
CEO: Gillian Mashni

Director: Zena Capers
Director: Dan Kelley
Director: Laurie LaDow
Director: Maria Lisenko
Director: Pam Proctor
Director: Courtney Vanslager 
Director: Jeremy Williamson
Director: Brenda Alvarez
Director: Paige Corbalis

2024 MLS Board of Directors

President: Brenda Alvarez
Secretary/Treasurer: Paige Corbalis
Past-President: Beau Dunfee

Director: Rachel Prillwitz

2024 Board of Directors

Jen Arizmendi
Dan Kelley
Courtney Vanslager
Brenda Alvarez

2024 MLS Board of Directors

Brenda Alvarez