Community Outreach

South Bend Area REALTORS® advocates for the health and wellness of the communities we serve. We partner with existing community-building organizations to help the south bend area thrive. This work is prioritized by our community outreach committee, a group of passionate SBAR members.

About the Community Outreach Committee

The South Bend Area REALTORS® Outreach Committee is the community service arm of the organization. They aspire to create a culture of “giving back” through volunteer and philanthropic initiatives. In the spirit, the committee is assigned community outreach projects which include the following, Habitat for Humanity, Over the Edge, Northern Indiana Food Bank, Purg-A-Thon, Good Neighbor Award, and Better Block Program. The goal of this committee is to help create a better place to work, live, and play in alignment with the values of SBAR. Also identifies organizations to build relationships with in order to promote our professional interests and improve the quality of life within our community. Promotion of the REALTOR brand among consumers.

Committees within South Bend Area REALTORS®  plan and support projects and events to help several local nonprofit organizations and fundraisers, including:

Habitat for Humanity

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Foodbank of Northern Indiana 

Human Rights Awareness

Women’s Council of Realtors

Near Northwest Neighborhood

Junior Achievement Serving St. Joseph County

La Casa de Amistad

Community Foundation of St. Joseph County

A Day of Shopping

Getting the Lead Out

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