The Name Game

Making the right Decision


How do we introduce ourselves to people and organizations who don’t know us? Those who don’t know where we live or where we’re from or what we do? What kind of name reflects our “best foot forward”?


My name is _____.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be designing and presenting names. We need your input.

Please send us three words that you would use to describe our organization – the way you envision it. What would you say?


Keep it the same

Stay with the identification which launched this organization: the Greater South Bend Mishawaka Association of Realtors.

St. Joe County Realtors

Includes all the cities and towns. But it also sounds more rural.

South Bend Area Realtors

It’s based on the most recognizable city. Most people know “South Bend.” However, what about Mishawaka, Granger, etc?

South Bend Mishawaka Area Realtors

Very close to what we have now. Yet, a simpler version, using “Area” instead of “Regional.”

Greater South Bend Realtors.

Again, it’s based on the most recognizable city. But, are we leaving people out?


We’re not just preparing for the future, we’re doing it.

Research & Analysis

We’ve already dug into over three dozen realtor groups across the US, evaluating engagement in the community and political action committee influence as well as comparing our identity with our goals.

Roadmap planning

The renovations to our building are just the beginning. We want to offer a place for our organization to meet with local and state politicians and community leaders to make sure our voices are heard.

Execute & Monitor

Once membership votes on the final list of name and offers comments and suggestions, the board will make a final recommendation and work with NAR and IAR for approval and then move ahead with a website and rebranding campaign.