2020 RPAC Trustees

Committee Type: Standing Committee
The Education Committee identifies current information on educational opportunities available to real estate professionals and training of technology, professionalism, and anything else that may be needed for members to achieve the knowledge and skills needed to service in their profession. This could include Continuing Education programs such as, but not limited to Latte & Learns, workshops, seminars, and power lunches. 


Chair: Laurie LaDow

Secretary: To be determined


Committee Composition: The RPAC Trustees will include six (6) REALTOR members, each serving a three (3) year term. The term will be staggered so that each year, two new trustees will need to be appointed. Appointments are made by a majority decision of the sitting RPAC trustees with the approval with the approval of the South Bend Area REALTORS Board of Directors.

Mission Statement: Is to organize, promote, and evaluate educational opportunities which will aid in the professional development of SBAR members.

Membership: is open to SBAR REALTORS® members who have shown a personal commitment to RPAC via significant financial contributions.

Committee Role:

  1. Identify annual fund-raising goals for the REALTOR® Political Action Committee
  2. Identify and assist in the planning of RPAC Fundraising events and activities.
  3. Encourages members to support the annual RPAC fundraising efforts
  4. Determine the distribution of RPAC funds in support of candidates for local elected offices
  5. Determine the distribution of RPAC funds in support of key issues to persuade the public, as well as elected officials and regulatory staff, regarding issues vital to homeownership and property rights, in general.
  6. Interview candidates for elective office to determine whether or not local RPAC funds will be used to support them.