2020 Member Engagement Committee

Committee Type: Standing Committee
The Member Engagement Committee members are individuals who help represent and promote SBAR and encourage others to create a strong sense of community. They are relationship builders and help encourage member commitment and raise awareness of SBAR activities and benefits.  The individuals are always willing to promote the mission and its events. The goal of this committee is to build a strong sense of community inside our membership which will result in the overall growth of the Association.


Co-Chair: Kim Kollar

Co-Chair: Stephanie Whitaker

Secretary: Kathryn Humphrey


Committee Composition: The Committee consists of 15 to 25 members, two-year terms, and chaired by a past or current Board of Director.

Mission Statement: Is to develop a core group of individuals to engage SBAR membership for the purpose of supporting and promoting a sound business environment through successful retention of members and recruiting new members. Individuals of this committee are members who volunteer their time to provide a crucial link between SBAR and its members.

Membership: Membership is open to SBAR REALTOR® and Affiliate members

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Review new members of the association at committee meetings. Schedule to meet with the ones assigned monthly.
  2. Review and understand the benefits and relevance of being a SBAR member.
  3. Establishing a professional relationship with assigned members through ongoing phone calls, written messages, and personal contact.
  4. Support at SBAR functions, lunches, seminars, and annual events including greeting, good-bye host, or crowd-host.
  5. Assistance in promoting SBAR events
  6. Serving as a source of information for SBAR programs, services, events.
  7. Recruitment of new and retention of existing members.


  1. The Membership Engagement Committee will meet at least four times per year or more as needed for review of membership visits and potential members. This information will be presented by the chair, vice-chair, or secretary to the executive staff along with the minutes from each meeting.
  2. Each Membership Engagement Committee member will have access to SBAR’s membership list which includes both REALTOR and Affiliate members. Each list will be broken down among the committee.
  3. The Membership Engagement Committee will consist of fifteen to twenty-five members.
  4. The committee chair will need to have served as a previous or current Director.


Committee Guidelines:

  1. The committee must follow the mission and values of the organization.
  2. The committee members must be a either a REALTOR® or an Affiliate member of the South Bend Area REALTORS®.
  3. Committee Chair may serve as Past Chair the following year for consistency.
  4. The committee cannot conduct business at a meeting without a quorum of committee members present.
  5. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings, to arrive on time and stay for the duration of meetings. If a situation requires their departure, the member will be recorded as absent if not in attendance for at least ½ of the meeting.
  6. All members subject to censure or removal at the direction of the Board of Directors.
  7. The Committee Chair has the authority to create a subcommittee or task force.
  8. The Committee Chair may dissolve the task force or Subcommittee once it is determined that the project is complete.